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A life long passion

Vino Bistro’s mission is to become a unique gathering place offering patrons the opportunity to experience a variety of wines from around the world along with foods to enhance the overall experience.  By offering both familiar and unfamiliar wines and foods, patrons are able to experience something new without committing to overseas travel. Additionally, they are offering wine flights; a choice of 4- 1.5oz glasses allowing guests to try several wines at one sitting. 

The success of Vino Bistro is in its owners, Theresa LaSalle and Grattan Greer, who collectively have experience in the sales and marketing for Fortune 500 companies and through travels to numerous wine regions throughout the world. 

Starting as a hobby, both Theresa and Grattan quickly realized their passion for the magical pressed grape. With more than 10,000 grape varieties producing wine, they learned there is a lot more to the grape than what you see wine shop. Hoping to share their passion, they began a search for the “perfect location” to start their wine bar business. After many trips from their home in Dallas, Texas, they settled upon Sarasota, Florida for its standing as a vacation destination and because of its diverse population.  Fortunately for them, the space at 1419 5th Street in the famed Rosemary District, was available due to the many closures caused by Covid-19 virus. 

Opening in mid-March 2021, they feature more than 60 varieties of wine from far away places like South Africa and New Zealand, and a bit closer to home like California and Oregon. In addition to their wine collection, they serve tapas and charcuterie boards and a variety of desserts. 

Stop by and experience the surprises in store for you.  Both inside and outside seating is available. 

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